Kalahari Kanvas has seen unprecedented success in camping gear sales and luxury tent installations throughout Botswana. Operating from Maun, the store serviced the entire country, largely thanks to a team of highly-motivated customer service gurus, led by the phenomenal Brett Sinclair.

When the new Kasane store opened, William Whiteman joined the Kalahari Kanvas team as the Operations Manager. Given his extensive background and experience in the Travel and Tourism industry, he quickly fit in perfectly with our current team of experts.

We sat down with William to talk about this exciting new development.

When was the Kasane store officially opened?
Our official opening took place in late 2017. July will mark two years of business for us!

Why did you open another branch after Maun’s success?
Our goal has always been to become the most prolific canvas supplier in Botswana. If we want to achieve this goal, we must constantly be ready to spread our wings. Choosing the two main tourism industry towns in Botswana will certainly help us get there.

Why did you choose Kasane as your location?
Kasane is another central key point of origin for safari companies. You have Chobe National Park and off course the Chobe river running through Kasane. There are many companies servicing the safari industry, which includes over landing companies. In Kazungula, where our factory is situated, you have the Zimbabwe and Zambia borders less than 2km away. This also helps us service our neighbouring countries with their canvas needs.

What are your Top 3 best-selling products at the Kasane store?
We have a repairs factory which keeps us incredibly busy servicing individuals and large companies. Then, if I go through the records regarding camping equipment, it is the 3x3m Bow Tents with veranda, the Oversized Bushtec Adventure Chair, and our normal/ padded stretchers.

What exciting plans do you have for 2019?
We’re excited to get our Kasane store on the map, and grow her to be a force to be reckoned with. We hope that the impeccable reputation we built in Maun will encourage our clients and supporters to follow us to Kasane.

Visit our store in Kazungula, at the corner of Tshukudu Street, after the police station.

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