Recent Projects

Gomoti Plains | Botswana

Named after the river it borders, Gomoti Plains camp lies alongside one of the smaller of the water system’s flood plains.

Framed by towering palm trees, our iconic canvas tents provide eco-luxurious comfort in an area that is alive with superb land and water-based game-viewing opportunities.

Great Plains | Mpala Jena | Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe boasts big game and diverse wildlife species, plentiful birdlife and highly professional guides ensuring this is the perfect destination for those active and adventurous travellers.

Zimbabwe is also home to five Unesco World Heritage sites including the majestic Victoria Falls and the Mana-Sapi-Chewore biosphere, that travellers can explore with Great Plains Conservation.

Machaba Safaris | Verney’s Camp | Zimbabwe

Situated in a remote southeastern part of the Hwange National Park, the camp is on a private concession that is not open to regular Park visitors.

Verney’s Camp is on a large open floodplain surrounded by mopane and teak forests in which Machaba Safaris’ tents are tucked.

Sapi Explorers Camp | Zimbabwe

This amazing wildlife sanctuary, along with the neighbouring Mana Pools National Park, now comprises over 337,000 hectares of prime protected wilderness.

Collectively they form part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as the core of the Middle-Zambezi Biosphere Reserve.